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Turbo Productions
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This page was designed to answer some of
our users most common questions.

How does Turbo Productions work?

Turbo Productions produces multimedia, including documentaries, television and radio commercials, corporate videos, personalized DVDs, live concert footage and website production with streaming audio and video.

Turbo Productions  also works with some of the biggest names in entertainment.  After getting a wish list of entertainers, a date and the budget you wish to stay within from your Entertainment Request Form, we find the act or acts from your list that are available for your specific date that fall within your budget. We then figure out how much of the production responsibilities you wish to take on and quote you a price for the entertainment inclusive of the production responsibilities that we will handle.

What are the elements (production responsibilities) that make up a live
musical performance?

Almost every produced concert is made up of the following aspects:

The band's fee
Ground transportation
Hotel accommodations
Preproduction and onsite producer
Backline equipment (the band's gear)
Misc. rider requirements

Is there an upfront fee to use Turbo Productions

NO. The only time you have to pay anything is if we secure an act for you
and our fees are built in to the overall price we quote for the entertainment.

What are rider requirements?

A rider is a list of what the performer requires to perform or make an
 appearance. It RIDES or is attached to the contract so it is called a rider.
This rider includes everything from the number of flights to the sound
requirements to the type of food and beverages that they require.

What is the best way to get started working with Turbo Productions?

Simply fill out an Entertainment Request Form
and an agent will contact you within 24 hours.



Turbo Productions
a division of Turbo Productions, Inc.
2326 28th Ave S.   Seattle, WA 98144


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