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EXP/EFX Biography 



 EXP/EFX is James R. Howard and Mark Rauch

Recorded at 501 Gerrard St. Muzik Studios in Centralia, Washington

Mark and I met and had something in common - electronic music.  I had 2 keyboards and he had 14 hooked up and ready to play.  That was in 1987 - The rest is history to our small, but loyal group of listeners.   We have recorded with several people like all bands - we never played in public - mostly on Wednesday nights after work.

My main thing is that I never like to record or play the same song twice.  Can you imagine doing the Mona Lisa every night?   With this in mind, we have stored over 100 - 90 minute tapes of original music.  Like Ansel Adams, we only know 52 of his famous photos and never see the thousands of out of focus, over exposed poor photos.  Like us, we could boil it down to 3 or 4 great CDs.  Not bad for 16 years of recording work.

I have traveled the world in search of the truth.  The music will take you to the Amazon, Egypt, China, Puget Sound, the Kivas of the American Southwest in high tech love affairs, float you down a river of your subconscious and chill you with World War III.  You'll spin a prayer wheel and fall in love in a tropical rainforest - but don't worry, you'll end up in God's Country.

Spread Light and Love!

James R. Howard.



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a division of Turbo Productions, Inc.
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