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The Luna Brothers Band

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The Luna Brothers Band - Live at ICHIBAN'S Sushi Lounge

We hope that our fans like the music and put aside whatever curiosity they might have about our individual lives, which are fairly normal, except for Mark's, which is really, really, really bizarre. If a band itself can have a biography, it is this: Born to struggle and sacrifice, raised n adversity and faith, nurtured in love and loyalty, matured as iron and steel is forged, through fire and hammers.

We've been performing since childhood, the sons of a professional jazz pianist. We play all genres, but if we are given the opportunity to present our own stuff, it tends to be soulful and funky. We do best when the audience is mixed, having people who are open and like to dance.

The Luna Brothers Band - Music Medley

Rick Luna - Keyboards, Vocals

Ron Luna - Drums, Vocals

Mark Luna - Bass, Vocals

Timothy Luna - Congas, Percussion

Timon Behan - Guitar

The Luna Brothers Band


Turbo Productions
a division of Turbo Productions, Inc.
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