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The Ross Brown Project

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The Ross Brown Project


Guitarist Ross Brown crafts his own brand of original instrumental aggressive groove fusion. It is a unique blend or rock, funk, and jazz with emphasis on groove and improvisation. Most of Rossí pieces are written to feature the improvisation of the players.

The band explores many realms of music: ambient avant-garde to jazzy groove to funk to Latin to aggressive progressive rock fusion. The original repertoire is instrumental and high-energy. The band performs with varying configurations but always consists of stellar musicians who bring groove and improvisational flare.

The lineup varies but the group always consists of an all-star cast of some of Philly's finest groove-sters.

Here is the most recent Ross Brown Project lineup:

Josh Orlando - Drums

Leon Boykins - Bass

Marc Kaplan - Keys
Elliott Levin - Tenor and Soprano Sax and Flute
Thomas Razler - Tenor Sax

Ross Brown - Guitar and Percussion

Here are some other musicians that have played and

recorded with the Ross Brown Project:

Kevin Freed - Drums
Matt Scarano - Drums
Billy Demas - Drums
George Hrab - Drums
Carl Barone - Drums and Percussion

Shawn Hennessey - Percussion

Tim Frank - Bass

James Frank - Bass
Dan Paul - Keys
Brian Marsella - Keys

Brandon May - Keys
Fabian Brown - Alto Sax
Jay Walton - Baritone Sax
Tony Peebles - Alto Sax

Larry Toft - Trombone

Adam Hershberger - Trumpet

Tyree Barron - Sax

Major Influences:

Charlie Brown

Bill Brown


Mike Dugan
Audric Jankauskus
David Joel

Jeff Beck
John Scofield
Frank Zappa
Talking Heads
John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra
Miles Davis
Herbie Hancock
James Brown
George Clinton
Joe Zawinul
John Coltrane
Thelonius Monk
Maceo Parker


Video Clips


Doom Blap - Live at the Icehouse

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a division of Turbo Productions, Inc.
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